Cable Management System Clone

This is a rough clone of the wire management system designed by Ivan Miranda using Fusion 360 in his video - cloned by request, one might say. 

The intent of this video is to demonstrate an approach (not necessarily the best one, and certainly not the only one) to create parts like these in OpenSCAD. It is not a product comparison, statement of superiority or whatever one might read into it. Indeed, it would be rather pointless trying to compare the output of a professional development team backed by a multi-million $currency company with a software project run mostly by volunteers in their free time. OpenSCAD is far from perfect, but that is true of just about any software, and to be able to say that, you first have to gain some hands-on experience. 

The video is sped up to twice the recording speed and almost uncut, except for some gaps where I was interrupted during recording. The source file is attached to this blog article.

Package icon source file1.6 KB

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