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Model Storage Robot Part 4: Robo Interface Programming

Based on the hardware built in part 2 and the interface specification explained in part 3, we can now program the Robo Interface that is responsible for the low-level hardware control. 

Model Storage Robot Part 3: Robo/Photon Interface

The hardware I described and tested in the previous video is controlled by a Robo Interface. This interface does not have any pre-fabricated connections to the outside world that might be used to control it, so I will be using a Photon to access it via the internet.

Model Storage Robot Part 2: Hardware

The hardware I built for my private high-rise storage system has collected dust matured for some time now - time for the next video of the series.

Stop Coding, Start Ruling

This is a repost of an SCN blog article available here

Model Storage Robot Part 1: Big Picture, Big Plans

For some time now, I've accumulated several libraries and technologies on my list of things to try out. Someday. Whenever I can find the time. Which is probably - well, someday never comes. So I decided to make up my own "fun" project and stuff many of the things I wanted to try out into it.

Fanning the Flames: Prefixing Variable/Attribute Names

This is a repost of an article posted on SCN.

System Landscape for Add-On Development

This is the second part of my answer to Christian Drumm's question What System Landscapes Setup to use for Add On Development? - and probably more of an answer to the original question than the first part.

First Marble Coaster 2016

This is a combination of some of the transport mechanisms of the standard models. 

Dynamic XL 5 - Spring Launcher

Assembling this model is fairly easy, but getting it to work took some time. Tuning the spring mounting as suggested by the instructions didn't work for me - I had to actually lower the left-hand part of the tracks by 15 mm for the marbles to be able to reach the top of the ramp. 

Branching = Hard

This is a repost of an article posted on SCN.


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