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Why I enjoy ABAP development (2)

In the first article, I already mentioned some of the aspects that make ABAP one of my favorite development environments: the central data dictionary and its connections with the language and runtime system, database access and the change and transport system. In this article, I'll tell you a bit about what you may or may not have to consider when developing ABAP programs.

Why I enjoy ABAP development

It was another one of these déja-vu experiences. At the Eclipse Modeling Stammtisch yesterday, I mentioned that Eclipse is more or less a hobby of mine. I did (and still do, if I can spare the time) SAP R/3 development for a living. Yep, that's right: ABAP. And I actually enjoy it. Now you can imagine the expressions of the average IT guy - varying from astonishment to disbelief or even disgust. ABAP - how could you come to like that?

MDA / MDSE for SAP R/3 Development Projects

This article used to contain the slides of my presentation held at the Special Interest Group Model-Driven Software Engineering (SIG-MDSE) on May 30th of 2008. I've created these slides using the Siemens Corporate Design, but I am no longer with Siemens. In order to avoid trouble, I have removed the slides - if you're interested in the contents, please contact me.


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