ALV Grid Function Code Reference

Once again, I had to deal with the ALV Grid and its default toolbar. Since I'm notoriously bad when it comes to remembering the function code constants that are used to disable the toolbar buttons, I've thrown together a small reference card. Perhaps someone else might be interested in this too...

Xtext-Artikel veröffentlicht

The Linux-Magazin 02/2011 - that is available as of today - contains an article in which I describe how to use Xtext and the ex-oAW technologies Xtend, Xpand and Check to create a custom configuration DSL and a configuration file generator.

Addendum: In the meantime, the article has been made publicly available.

Graphiti Talk Slides

Attached to this article you will find the slides of my talk project.replaceAll("GMF", "Graphiti");. At the Eclipse Demo Camp I described my experiences during the replacement of the Graphical Modeling Framework with the relatively recent framework Graphiti.

exim: select smarthost according to sender address

When sending mails from my systems, I usually want to use different smarthosts according to the sender address. If I use the sender address, I want the mail to be delivered via, if I use one of my addresses, I want to use the smarthost at Manitu and so on. With exim, this is possible with a few configuration adaptions.

First create a file named /etc/exim/smarthosts that will contain the routing information. The contents look like this:

Laptop Maintenance Mode for Gentoo Linux

I run Gentoo Linux on a variety of laptops, and while I'm generally happy with it, there are some places where the default system just doesn't fit my needs. Sometimes you can just feel how parts of the software were designed for 24/7 servers and not for mobile devices. For example, there are some processes that need to be run frequently, but that you really don't want to kick in when you're out in the field and running on battery power - updatedb, makewhatis or Leafnode's texpire for example. And there are some other maintenance actions that should be performed on a regular basis, too - emerge --sync and backup for example. And most of the time, I just don't feel inclined to manually perform all these tasks when retuning home after a working day. This is why I added a "maintenance mode" to my laptop installations. Usage of this maintenance mode is very straight forward - plug the laptop into the local network, power it on, select "maintenance mode" in the boot loader menu and go away. The system will automatically perform all actions and then power down.

MDD meets ABAP

MDD is a hot topic for some time now. With the arrival of powerful tools like EMF an oAW, it's become possible to actually use the benefits of model-driven development without spending too much time and money on the tools. MDD has long reached it's break-even point between intellectual investment and development speed-up for certain types of projects. It's not the solution to all problems, but it's a really powerful technique with a set of stable and proven tools available.

Why I enjoy ABAP development (2)

In the first article, I already mentioned some of the aspects that make ABAP one of my favorite development environments: the central data dictionary and its connections with the language and runtime system, database access and the change and transport system. In this article, I'll tell you a bit about what you may or may not have to consider when developing ABAP programs.

Why I enjoy ABAP development

It was another one of these déja-vu experiences. At the Eclipse Modeling Stammtisch yesterday, I mentioned that Eclipse is more or less a hobby of mine. I did (and still do, if I can spare the time) SAP R/3 development for a living. Yep, that's right: ABAP. And I actually enjoy it. Now you can imagine the expressions of the average IT guy - varying from astonishment to disbelief or even disgust. ABAP - how could you come to like that?

RCP Introductory Workshop

This is the handout for an introductory workshop on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). For now, the document is available in German only.

MDA / MDSE for SAP R/3 Development Projects

This article used to contain the slides of my presentation held at the Special Interest Group Model-Driven Software Engineering (SIG-MDSE) on May 30th of 2008. I've created these slides using the Siemens Corporate Design, but I am no longer with Siemens. In order to avoid trouble, I have removed the slides - if you're interested in the contents, please contact me.


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