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(ab)using eCATT for continuous performance monitoring

This is a re-recorded version of my presentation given at the SAP Inside Track Berlin on September 2nd 2017. Apparently, there were some kind of audio issues during two of the sessions, one of them being mine - so instead of simply dropping the slides off somewhere and leaving you with an incomplete presentation, here is a recording of the slides with voiceover. 

Stop Coding, Start Ruling

This is a repost of an SCN blog article available here

System Landscape for Add-On Development

This is the second part of my answer to Christian Drumm's question What System Landscapes Setup to use for Add On Development? - and probably more of an answer to the original question than the first part.

First Marble Coaster 2016

This is a combination of some of the transport mechanisms of the standard models. 

Dynamic XL 5 - Spring Launcher

Assembling this model is fairly easy, but getting it to work took some time. Tuning the spring mounting as suggested by the instructions didn't work for me - I had to actually lower the left-hand part of the tracks by 15 mm for the marbles to be able to reach the top of the ramp. 

Branching = Hard

This is a repost of an article posted on SCN.

Dynamic XL 4 - Stage Conveyor

I made two mistakes while building this model: I misplaced a few parts (that was fixed rather easily) and I misjuged the overall height of the model when setting up the camera. Hence, in the timelapse, unfortunately you can't see the top of the model being built.

Dynamic XL 3 - Stair Step Conveyor

This model was relatively easy to assemble, but there's a catch - literally: Unless all of the parts of the stair slide smoothly past each other, the push rods will start to bend, which is obviously not good.

Dynamic XL 2 - Wheel Conveyor

When building the second "standard" model contained in the Dynamic XL kit, I made a slight mistake with the wheel at first which resulted in steel marbles flying all over the place. Obviously I didn't film that...


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