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Buyers Beware - Shady Banggood Shipping Cost Settings

Just a quick heads-up - I ran into some "issue" with the Banggood web shop system that sneakily introduces shipping and insurance costs even if you select "free shipping". There's an option for that, but the option keeps changing for some unclear reason - if you're not careful, you end up paying for shipping and handling that you didn't consciously select.

HEJLILL - Werkbank für < 150 €

For the past few years, I’ve used a metal storage rack as a makeshift work area. It never was a satisfactory solution, and for some of the upcoming projects I definitely needed something with both more stability and a bigger (and level!) working area. Professional workbenches are way too expensive and wouldn’t fit into my basement anyway, and much of the hobbyist stuff sold on the internet or at hardware stores is not much better than the wobbly racks I threw out. Hence, I decided to build my own workbench from stock parts that you can get from IKEA and/or a hardware store.

Hand in hand


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