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Deltonator Build #5 - Small Steps #1

In this fifth video I mount the LCD touch screen and add a layer of insulation beneath the heated bed. Little progress, but progress nonetheless...

Deltonator Build #4 - Bed & Bunny

In this fourth video of my 3D Delta Printer build project, I mount the bed, fix the arm joints, add the bed height sensor and perform yet another test run.

Cable Management System Clone

This is a rough clone of the wire management system designed by Ivan Miranda using Fusion 360 in his video - cloned by request, one might say. 

Deltonator Build #3 - Arm-y Issue

In this third video documentation of my 3D Delta Printer project, I assemble the arms, mount a temporary effector placeholder and check for effector tilt.

Deltonator Build #2 - The Three Towers

This is the second video of my Delta 3D printer assembly in which I assemble the frame and give it a first test run.

Deltonator Build #1 - Part-y Preparations

I'm building a Delta 3D Printer (yep, yet another design) based on MakerSlide vertical rails. In this video I prepare the printed parts and pre-assemble some of the components. The entire design is open source and can be found at

Let there be light...

I recently bought a 3D printer. I'm not sure yet how much use it will actually see, so I went for a cheap model - one of the usual acrylic DIY kits shipped from the far east. While it's actually working rather well, there are a few details that are bothering me. For one thing - you can't see what's going on beneath the nozzle without a torch. However, using a 3D printer and some LEDs, resistors and some experimental circuit board, that problem was easily solved...

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