Dynamic XL 2 - Wheel Conveyor

When building the second "standard" model contained in the Dynamic XL kit, I made a slight mistake with the wheel at first which resulted in steel marbles flying all over the place. Obviously I didn't film that...

Dynamic XL 1 - Chain Conveyor

Among the presents this year was a huge box of plastic stuff (fischertechnik Dynamic XL). Since I haven't built something with fischertechnik for some time now, I'm going for the "standard" models from the instruction booklet first. Here's the first model - a relatively simple chain conveyor:

Marbles on Rails

For some time no, I've had a fischertechnik Bau-Spiel-Bahn laing around here somewhere, waiting - initially for new tracks, then for some kind of actual "application".

Julia builiding a marble coaster

Julia wanted to build a marble coaster. OK, why not? Then again, I might have envisioned beforehand that she would select the biggest and most complex one from the instruction booklet...

Carousel with mechanical lap counter

Another video that I somehow managed not to mention here. Somebody - Yeti? - inspired me to play with time lapse videos; I ended up using Time Lapse Assembler, and I think it worked out OK.

Marble Coaster (with track switch, ejector, electronic control)

For some obscure reason, I forgot to mention the video on my own site when posting it - well, here it is.

Marble Coaster - Parcours 1

Since there is little enough happening on this site right now, here's the result of "Christmas Present" + "Vacation" + "Wanting to try out this YouTube Thingy".

Test, one two

Someone probably should have double-checked this...



This is the first result of my work with Ableton Live - or rather, the first result I feel comfortable sharing...



Hand in hand



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