Eclipse PDE Headless Build: Beware of OpenJDK / Debian

If you're setting up a linux box to run an Eclipse PDE headless build and by choice or accident end up using a Debian system and again by choice or accident installed the OpenJDK, you'll probably see the following p2 director error message after enabling the p2 integration:

One or more certificates rejected. Cannot proceed with installation.

This message does not contain a wealth of information, it doesn't even state which certificates where rejected. Even more bizarre is the fact that this message appears even if you turned code signing off. The reason for this can be found buried inside the OpenJDK web site:

The cacerts file shipped with OpenJDK is initially empty.

Without any root CA certificates, the builder is unable to verify the pre-signed default Eclipse bundles and bails out. Remove OpenJDK, install Sun/Oracle-JDK, go.

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